Transport van

We would like to have a transport van. There are many children who cannot attend because they cannot be picked up. It is not only about the distance, but also the safety of the children is of great importance. It is a pity that many have to miss a hot meal because they can’t picked up.



We would like have a building where children can get their education. We would love to prepare the children for further schooling so that they too can work on a better future. When more children have a better education, the better it is for the neighborhood where they live and the more livable it becomes. It would be great to be able to do something about this.

Happy with a hot meal

Fishing boat

A fishing boat would be amazing. If we could start a restaurant and use our own fish and vegetables, we could invest the profits in the children. At the same time, we can provide employment so that the parents do not have to move to the big cities.

Doctor- and dentist practice

A doctor and dentist practice is not an unnecessary luxury here and therefore extremely important. Here too, people become ill and need a doctor and/or dentist. It would be great if we could offer them that help. Here too one has the right to live in a world where they can find help in times of illness.

Hopeful support

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