The simplicity

After visiting the Philippines so many times, the simplicity of life appeals to me. Not a superfluous luxury, actually not a luxury at all for the vast majority of the population. This reminds me of my childhood. Big family and no luxury and my childhood memories keep coming back.
People depend on each other and help where possible. Many things are done together. Lots of effort and fun and generally smiling faces. Maybe the western world can learn a lot from this. In all simplicity, man is more human. Wouldn't it be great if people in Western society could be more human?

The challenge

It is a huge challenge for most families to get food on the table. And just like in the western world people love their children too. Wherever you go in this world, everyone wants the best for their children. It is a privilege to help families to achieve this.
Waar je ook komt op deze wereld, iedereen wil het beste voor zijn kinderen. Het is een voorrecht om gezinnen te helpen om hier dan ook aan te voldoen.

Hopeful support

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