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We invest in young people so they will have a future. We invest in adults so they may discover what it is all about and we invest in each other so we will realize that it is better together.

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One of our success stories

Angelic voices sing, accompanied by the beautiful melodies emanating from the musical instruments played by the young servants of God. And there, there in the middle of the band, holding the guitar and strumming it. A human figure of a boy looks very familiar.

Time takes me back from the past and I realized I was reminiscing about the old days when I joined the Teen Club. I am a graduate of the school and at the same time an honorary student. I am proud to be a product of this institution. With the help of my teachers – Ms. Liberty Agreda, Ms. Imelda San Pedro and Ms. Nida Valenzuela, we were formed to become spiritually, mentally, socially and emotionally healthy individuals.

Even though we have already graduated from the school, Ms. Nida has opened a program where we are being developed, monitored and trained as we grow into teens, youth and adults. Teen Club was created to build our relationship with God, not just for the alumni, but for all the teens who wanted to be a part of this program. It wanted our skills and talents to be discovered and to develop confidence. In simple or small ways, Teen Club has been able to provide assistance to needy children who are determined to attend school. I became one of the scholars.

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