Hopeful Support Foundation

As Hopeful Support Foundation in co-operation with Hope Center Iloilo we look ahead to accomplish our goals.



What are our goals:


Feeding program and education.


To build a church.


To build a school.


To build a medical clinic. Like anywhere in the Philippines, it’s also a need to have a doctor and dentist in Trapiche - Oton - Iloilo. Also here people need help and a doctor or dentist when they are sick or have something wrong with their teeth. As soon as we can we will provide in a medical clinic where they can find help. Also the people in Trapiche - Oton - Iloilo have the right to live in a world where they can find help when they are sick.



To create a sport complex for children. For all the children we need a sports complex. All of us know how nessecary it is to have daily physical excercise. Maybe some of the children will discover their talents and others will get rid of all the stress and will be refreshed in their minds.



To buy a fishing boat and a farm and a restaurant, so we can provide in our own needs and create jobs for others. If we have a fishing boat we can provide in our own fish. If we have a farm we can provide in our own vegetables, eggs, chicken and meat. If we have a restaurant we can use the profit for the program and for feeding the children. At the same time we can provide jobs, so the parents don’t have to leave for the big cities.


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