Hopeful Support Foundation

As Hopeful Support Foundation in co-operation with Hope Center Iloilo we look ahead to accomplish our goals. In the mean time we have also achieved some of our goals.



What is already achieved and/or still in development?


Feeding program and education. As Hopeful Support Foundation we started already a feeding- and education program. At the moment we provide for about 70 children in their food and education. We also support children for their High school. Of course there is more need and we are praying for more resources, so we can help more children and hopefully their parents.


After starting the feeding program we saw the need for a church. Meanwhile we’ve established one, so the children and some adults have their own services. At January 2009 the first service was held. We see the blessings of God and are aware that we need a building. We can say that God is really good!


About 70 children got their education. We started a school and it was successful. But the government could not legalize it, unless the material to construct the school was concrete. Instead bamboo was used, so we are eager to change it in order to get legalization of the government.


We bought about 8000 square meter lot. This is for the future to build a building for church and school.


We bought a Van to pick up the children and bring them to the feeding program every Saturday.


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